One Million – One Year

Indira Gandhi:
There are two kinds of people, those who do the work and those who take the credit. Try to be in the first group; there is less competition there.

Make $1,000,000 by working just one year

How much money would you like to have when you retire? Would a million dollars do? You may be surprised to learn that all it takes is one year of work. You heard me right, just one year.

Is there a catch? Sort of. This method doesn’t apply to everyone, and there is no guarantee that it will make you a million dollars… In fact, the method I’m going to show you varied so widely that the year’s work rang in a final value ranging from $130,000 to well over $6,000,000. Still, $130k working for one year still seems like a good deal to me. The good news is that it is very unlikely to end up this low.

Oh ya, there is another catch. This million-dollar method is hard. In fact it is so hard that 99% of the people who read this will give up before starting. But that’s all right, because if everyone had a million dollars it just wouldn’t be special.

Your Million-Dollar Year

Imagine living without any financial stress, spending time with the people you love. Get a good image in your head. Now take a snap-shot, because you are REALLY going to need it get past step 1.

Step 1. Get another Job.

This is the hardest step of all. Most people would rather live off eating tree bark then getting a second job, but that is where the secret lies. For many people, this can be a part time job, but for others it may need to be another entire full time.

Step 2. Cut expenses

When working two jobs, expenses seem to reduce themselves. This is because in the time that you would be normally spending money, you are making money. But even with your newfound method of reducing expenses, it is important to cut into your budget a little more. This is especially important for those who are carrying debt.

The goal is to make and save a combined $24,000 or more. Don’t get discouraged by the number, because each dollar that you make or save could multiply up to $50!

Step 3. Return to normal life

Once you have finished that year of torture, and you have at least $20k or more saved up its time to quit your extra jobs. The next step is to turn it into a million dollars by…

Investing your money! OK, so it doesn’t turn your $24k into a million dollars in just one year. That’s why I said this method wasn’t for everyone. But… if you are 30 years old or younger then you will most likely have over a million dollars by the time you reach 65 years old. If you are 20 years old then it will be pretty hard NOT to get a million dollars by then. Now that is assuming a much lower interest rate then the standard 12% (mutual fund) return that seems to be the standard in “normal” years. Assuming you get an average of 12%, then a 30-year-old can have well over a million, and the 20-year-old will have nearly $4,000,000!

Now what about those who are older? This may still be a good method. The included tables shows how many years it will take to achieve your goal at different return rates. All of the tables assume you could invest around $2,000 per month by cutting expenses, and working a second job. Remember, if you are able to make 10% off your investment, even a $500k retirment will support you with $50k per year before taxes. Not too shabby.


By sacrificing one year out of your life by working a second job, you can turn $20k into a retirement free from financial stress. It will have been a year well spent.

Now what if you already have $20,000+? Then read some of the investing literature on this website. I also highly recommend “The Little Book that Beat the Market” for anyone who wants a great a great way to invest at high returns without day trading.

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