Jon Huntsman, Sr. – A True Man of Character

For this week’s post I have chosen to write about my personal hero, Jon Huntsman, Sr. Two years ago I had never even heard his name, yet he has quickly become one of the men I admire most.

In business he is known as a billionaire, once ranked 47th in the Forbes 400. He is the founder of Huntsman Corporation, a global company with over 10 billion in revenue. If you have ever purchased eggs in a styrofoam carton, or have ever seen the interior of a car, chances are Huntsman Corporation took part. Unlike many of the rich, Huntsman started with almost nothing.

Although he has what most people would call “success”, his true triumphs come from his solid moral character. In Huntsman’s book “Winners Never Cheat” Dr. Stephen R. Covey (author of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People) said:

“How timely! How needed it is for one of the finest human beings, industrial leaders and philanthropists on the planet to compellingly drill down on 10 timeless, universal values for business and life… Primary greatness is character and contribution. Secondary greatness is how most people define success—wealth, fame, position, etc. Few have both. Jon’s one of them. “

As a respected businessman, Huntsman openly shares his morals, and encourages others to deal with honesty and integrity. Although this may not be quantifiable in terms of dollars, changing someone for good can have a far greater effect on the world than even the most generous donations.

Although Huntsman is a billionaire, he plans to die broke. He is a philanthropist, and he is fighting against cancer. The Huntsman Cancer Institute is one of the most stunning cancer research hospitals in the world. Here they accept anyone, and treat them with the best of the best. World class scientists, doctors, and care givers are dedicated to helping the patient have a better experience. You won’t find any of that stereotypical “hospital food” at this center, they have a chef on duty!

Take a moment today and study a little about Jon Huntsman, Sr’s life. What is written here doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface.

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