Hire your children for chores

What you will need:

Note: First read the “Deligating responsibilities in exchange for allowance” article to learn how to save money by increasing allowances.

Before I was old enough to buy my own clothing, I remember when my mother proposed a new method of allowance. I don’t remember much about it, but I recall she had a list with a number of chores and their values we would receive if we did them. How I would try to vacuum so I could add 10 cents to the list! It became a race to “dry” the dishes so the other would have get pruney hands “washing” them. Getting $3 a week was a windfall!

The process is simple. Create a chart with a list of chores with the value you wish to assign to them. Next add each child’s name to the list. When a child finishes a chore, he simply checks off the appropriate square under his name. At the end of the month, the amount earned is added to their allowance. If you need an idea of a chart, you can download an allowance chore chart here;. This chart can be laminated so it can be reused each week.

This method works well in conjunction with the , because if they blow their budget, they still have a method to earn money to cover their other costs.

If some chores are only done by certan children, considering implienting a weekly or monthly “Bonus” for those who complete 100% of their tasks.

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